Add Row activity giving error

Hi, I’m getting this error I have checked all my passing variable/arguments which are required to pass in.
I’m using Build data table activity in the Initialization module using REframework. Then i’m Add data row in the Process module where i’m passing my transaction records to add into. Though i’m getting this error ‘Add Data Row for each transaction processed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’
Init module:

Process module. Invoking xaml

Arguments passing in xaml

xaml that i’m running where Add data row is being used

I checked all the array row values & they are passing values.


Can you print the ArrayRow values using Message box activity before AddData Row activity and check it once.


I believe your data table variable is passed correctly

But we need to check with the VALUES mentioned in ARRAYROW property

Check whether those arguments or variables are obtained whileninvoking workflow

That’s the reason why this is happening

And if any of variable mentioned in array row if possibly found to have null value ensure you mention like this

Say for example there are three column values and if you find second column value might come as empty then

{var1.ToString.Trim, IF(String.IsNullOrEmpty(var2.ToString),string.Empty, var2.ToString), var3.ToString.Trim}

Cheers @raja.mahajan

all are passing

yes, they are obtained


also, see local window which showing values are populating

local window showing arrayrow also

I found the solution, I had to set an argument in Process module also to pass them in xaml for data table

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