Add multiple lines in SAP va01 for Sales Order Creation

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to add from an xls file to SAP (va01), 3 lines, so I can create a Sales Order.
Now if I run my project, I manage to add the first line from the xls file to SAP, but the following rows from the excel file is overwriting the line created in SAP.
So I end up with just one line added in SAP, containing the last row from the excel file, instead of 3 lines.
Why are the rows from the xls file always overwriting my SAP line, and why isn’t the data added as new lines?

Many thanks!

HI @LisaC

I highly recommend to visit the academy course, in one of the chapters, I am giving the answer to your question.

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Are you trying to add lines in the table below?

Could you share some of your code, and maybe a screenshot? The more information the better.


Thanks guys,

I made it work! Found the answer on the academy course :slight_smile:



Happy to hear that you like my course :)))

Enjoy SAP Automation!

Best regards, Lev

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