Excel to Sap Business one

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I created flow to data import in SAP B1 by excel…
But i only able to add data for one item how can I enter data for multiple items in purchase Order?

So, Please let me know if any solution is available


HI @badal_patel

You can try with Add Data Row Activity

Have look on the document

How To Add New Value(Data Row) to Existing Datatable – UiPath – ExcelCult.


I don’t want to save data in Excel… Data already have in Excel i export that data to SAP B1 ERP Software… But i am facing problem in this for multiple item in Purchase Order

Usually in sap we will be having two options to upload data
Either as file in csv. / .xlsx format
We can just copy paste with a button in SAP named Get from clipboard

  1. For first option if you have the csv or xlsx file then you just upload that with normal click activity and type into activity

  2. If it’s second method
    Then first read that entire excel with read range activity and save the output as datatable named dt

—then use a OUTPUT DATATABLE ACTIVITY and pass dt as input and get the output as string named strdt

-now use a SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and pass the above string variable as input
This will copy the value to clipboard

Now just use a click activity to click on that sap button that gets value from clipboard

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @badal_patel

I want to add data in Purchase Order… i have multiple Business Partner with multiple items.

I created flow but it only only working for single item so i want to add multiple item

Consolidate them as one dataset and try uploading in sap with that clipboard option


Can I upload data from pdf in SAP?

You can read with pdf activities in uipath and then upload the data to sap
At the same time you can upload as a pdf file

Cheers @badal_patel

I want to upload perticular data from pdf to SAP B1 Purchase Order but i have multiple pdf with different format… So it’s possible?
How can I do that?
Please answer in brief

First get the data from pdf with document understanding
I m suggesting document understanding as you said the pdf format is different for each time
So once after getting the data you can type into SAP

For document understanding referral

Cheers @badal_patel

I want full automation want to schedule robot…
So please let me know other solutions

Dear Sir,
For now i only want Excel to Sap automation…
but i can’t able to add multiple item for Purchase Order…
So please let me know about its solution