Add hyperlinks to pdf file using Adobe Acrobat pro

I have a product catalog in a editable pdf file (about 600 pages), I also have a list of products numbers with corresponding hyperlinks in excel (about 1000 products).
I’d like to add links to products in pdf file using Adobe Acrobat Pro dc .

I search for product numbers using Acrobat search function and then I’m trying to right click on a product number (to use the context menu and add link) by using click text activity (also tried click OCR text) but the process finds nothing and stops because of timeout.

Please help me find the correct click activity to use inside a pdf file.
Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @rkonfisz,
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Working with PDF and Adobe Acrobat can be tricky. One of possible way could be done by just getting text from PDF and work with it outside.
This might be helpful as well:

Ok, this was an interesting challenge. There has been a discussion on having hyperlinks in word files before, but not on hyperlinks in PDFs.

This is possible. Here is my suggestion - attached are sample files with a main.xaml as a wrapper. (8.4 KB)

  • Step 1. Open your editable pdf file in word using word activity / scope (yes, its automagic word supports pdfs :smiley:)
  • Step 2. Use the excellent answer from @vvaidya to put hyperlinks to word text you are interested in
  • Step 3. Covert the output .docx file from Step 2 back to .pdf using word activity “Save as pdf”

Challenge is surely the formatting of your PDF might be affected really badly if word cannot render it in a similar to the original catalog PDF (both while reading and saving as pdf).

You will need to install word activities from manage packages. Offcourse, you will need a for loop as you have a lot of products to update. But that you can figure out. I have shown a single iteration in the sample code.
Hope this helps.

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