Append Range (data table) has no header and starts as the First Sheet


When I’m appending data to an existing file, the appended data has no header even though I made sure that the Add Header was clicked when reading the data table. Also, instead of going on the second sheet, the appended data starts on the first one. Any help on this? Thanks!

Hi @caduque

Need more clarity. from where you are taking the data in data table i.e. through webs craping or taking data from excel file. Meanwhile you can put the debug and check the value of data table in debug window. you can see your runtime value.


From a an excel file, Using excel application scope and the read range

Hey @caduque
Whenever using ‘Append’ Activites it does NOT write Header.

My suggestion,
Once you read the Input Excel( with Headers) just Clone it.
Assign TempDT = InputDt.Clone
-This step will create a TempDT with only Header

Write this TempDT in the Output Excel first and then Start appending your Data.

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Hi @caduque ,

Have a look at the below video.This might help


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Append Range is used to add more rows for already existing excel sheet, so it will not ADD headers, and if the sheet contains data it will add the new rows to the bottom of that sheet, if no data available it will just enter the data in the sheet mentioned.


Use the Write Range Activity and check the AddHeaders property, this will write the header plus the content in the target spreadsheet.


It worked! But the data table still becomes the first sheet. It should be the 2nd. Please see sample below.


The sheet CFR Details should be the 2nd sheet.