Add empty column in data table

Hi, could you please advise how can I add empty column in the table below.
the table stars in column E23 till R34 and I need to add the empty column in column E23 and each quarter I need to repeat the steps as the new quarter needs to be in column E23 till E34. Could you please advice
Thank you.

Hi @jarous ,

There are two ways to this.

One way is:

you load the entire data into a Data Table in memory, and use Add Column DataTable activity to insert a column into that DataTable and then write the entire Data Table back to the sheet in Excel.

This is an easy way, but you lose the formatting of your data when you overwrite your Excel with the DataTable

For the other way:

Here is a link to a post where another member of the community posted a solution. This may help you. It may show you how to insert the column directly in Excel without killing the formatting.

Thank you