Add DataTable to another DataTable


I want to add 1 DataTable to another DataTable. There is now common thing in those DataTables. They contain different data.
First one:
Second one:

Do you know how to combine those dataTables without loop?

Thank you in advance

You can use Merge datatable. Provide the source and destination tables according your needs and the you will get the desired output.

Merge action will add rows from second table to the end of first table. I want to keep data in original rows.

@mateusz.wojcik You have showed us the two datatable’s in above screenshot, so can you show us the output how you need in a screenshot?

This is the desired output

Hello @mateusz.wojcik

Please check the below video.



I watch the video and there is no answer to my question.


Your solution has loop. I already have a loop I am now looking for simpler solution.