Add data to a specific column in datatable

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I am new to Uipath and I am trying to create an automation where I need to add data to a particular column in the data table and at the same time add new data rows.
For example there are 5 reports in the datatable as shown in the screenshot
and each report has multiple measures which are being extracted using the data scraping activity in uipath post which the extracted measures are written into an excel file
the expected output is something like

but I am getting output like this

Measures which are mapped to a single report get appended to other reports rather than the new rows being added. I have tried the add data row activity but still the desired result is not achieved.
Is there any other way to do it

Hi @Ritvik_Bajaj ,

Taking the above point into consideration, there should be a Mapping in the UI Table which points out that Report 1 Comprises of Measure 1, Measure 2, Measure 3 and Measure 4

Basically we would need a Table of Report -> Measures Mapping

Is there such a Mapping available?

no can you explain it a little on how to do it.
For now i the excel sheet that the bot reads before extracting the measures has the report name and currently I am trying to make it work only for one report as if it works for one report it will work for other reports as well

@Ritvik_Bajaj Is it possible for us to View the Screen where you are Extracting the Measures as per the Reports ?

I’m afraid but that might not be possible but I can share the workflow

@Ritvik_Bajaj ,

According to the Output that you have Shared, We would require to know How there would be 4 Measures assigned to Report 1, 3 Measures to Report 2 and so on for other Reports.

Without this Knowledge or Mapping we wouldn’t be able to provide you with a Strong Solution.

we would recommend to add datarows in a format, the relationship e.g. Measure 2- Report 1 is not lost. As we can add such update rows on the end, after a sorting the datatable on Report, we will get it back close as mentioned above

yes this works Thank you!

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