Add Data Row not adding a Data row when using a for each loop with an array of Strings

Trying to add a Data Row for each string in an array of Strings. I have built a DataTable, and based an array of Strings , for each string in an array need to add a new Data Row. ‘Add Data Row’ not creating a new row for each string. Request any inputs on the same.

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What is the error?

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There is no error, the use case : An Invoice PDF document can have one to Multiple PO Order numbers, Example: 2200011064, 22000110. Need to create an entry in an excel file for each PO Order Number. So have built a Datatable with a few columns of Invoice. For each Invoice PDF file, if multiple PO Order number is present then need to create two rows in the data table for the same file.


Could you please tell more details about the issue and tell me steps you followed here.

If possible help me with screenshot.

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AbbyyExtract.xaml (58.1 KB)

Extracting a few fields from an Invoice PDF using ABBYY, for each file need to create a DataRow which gets written to an Excel File ultimately. In some cases where In an Invoice PDF file has multiple PO Order numbers, then for each PO Order Number a new row needs to be created for the file. Attached is the workflow file being worked on.

The index i is remaining the same for each iteration inside the for each loop, trying the increment it at the end of the For each loop.To check if it works.

Using a separate index for the Row creation , it was using the index of number of files being read. After making those changes its working fine now. Its creating separate rows.

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