Add data row activity mutiple times


I am getting subject ,Body Date from mail I want to store this in datatable

I am using add datarow activity

All the 3 subject,body and date-time are displayed in subject column itself

I want to print in 3 different columns
I am using for each for retreving subject body and datetime
how do i do that

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @supu123,

First try printing the value retrieved from bot
Check where is the issue
Then try using add array row activity by passing
{Body,subject,date} in datarow property


HI @supu123

Your approach is fine. But when using the Add Data Row activity, you can actually use one add data row activity and pass all three values at once. So include one Add Data Row activity, and under Array Row property, provide the below code:

{subject.ToString, Body.ToString, Date_Time.ToString}

This will add all thre three values in one row itself. If you loop through, this will keep on adding rows populating all three columns.

Hope it helps…


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