Add Data column Coding clarification


I have attached screenshot of my current activity, Here I am trying to build a data table and passing data columns into that.

By using New DataColumn(), I am only be able to create a single column is there a code to make it as an array of columns.
Tried New DataColumn(){} error is thrown as end of expression required.

I do not want to do it by using Add datacolumn activity’s, Column array option.

Also is there a way to add a row by using New DataRow method.

Please suggest.


HI @Mohan_Vasan

You can try with add data row activity


Hi Gokul,

Eventually I have to use add data row or add data column activity to add it to datatable.

But i want the values to be added by using Codes, to build DataRows and DataColums

Is there a code to create an array of Data Rows and Data columns. by using New DataColumn, New DataRow codes.


Have you tried with SQL queries?

Refer this link too


Thanks Gokul, I will look into that

Hi @Mohan_Vasan

As per your query understood that you are having columns as a array you need to add column as a from the list of array right?

You may try with below method!


Check this link How to Add Multiple Data Columns To A Datatable At Once? - #7 by arivu96