Add category to Excel (datatable) based on previous rows values

I’m trying to add categories to a list in an excel(datatable) based on previous values. Essentially I’m trying to process my “daily” activities that are sequentially listed in an email. I have everything working and can get the values out into excel. Last challenge is to get the right section/category. The items in bold are always the same, and I want them to list in column three until column 4 has the next bolded phase. Currently, I’m looping through datatable to “build” columns 1,2,4. image

Desired output is to fill in column 3.image

Any ideas would be much appreciated, trying to have the bot do a timesheet.

Do a for each row of your datatable, you said that the bold items in column 4 are always the same:

For each roaw in dtYourDataTable
Inside this create a flowchart with a flowswitch.
Flowswitch condition is row(3).ToString
Case [40522] My current project
assign strSection = 'Header"
assign row(2) = “Header”
Case What did you do yesterday
assign strSection = “Yesterday”
assign row(2) = “Yesterday”
etc, etc,

This is important
the default case should be
row(2) = strSection

in essence, third column will always be the value of the matched case until a next matched case is found

Thanks. I will give it a try. I haven’t done a lot with flow/flow switch.