Activity VerifyControlAttribute does not generate 'output'

Studio 2023.6.1 Community Edition (Per User Installation)
Latest Packages installed!

Project is a combination of demo’s on the Fondation 2020.10 course.

Academy Course Developer Foundation (2020.10)
Implementation of Verify activities (VerifyControlAttribute) as nUnit test on the workflow
according instruction in module ‘Basic and Data driven RPA Test Case’, I do NOT see any output of these activities.
Moreover, the instructions on this course, compared to the previous one, occurred to me, ‘outdated’ as well.
Performing Test > Run >> No output from ‘Verifiy’-activities in the Then-section.

How come?
Missing instructions?
Has it something to do with first publishing on Orchestrator?
Whats the purpose of the messages-format, while there is no output.
Result-property is a boolean, even trying to see to ‘this’ via LogMessage activity, no output!
Should be something be tweaked into the ‘Project Settings’ > Activity Settings > Testing (in order to retrieve response as output of a test cycle in the output panel), information about formats e.g…?

I clearly miss something, documentation and ‘similar’ topicw, don’t give me clues! Tips? Thanks!

Hi @van-der-kamp

Program has not entered into the then state so could you please share the before steps of this activity.


@van-der-kamp Hi, Try with version Testing package 23.4.0

@vrdabberu, @drbuddepu as asked
TestCase_UseBrowserEdgeRpaChallenge.xaml (81.7 KB)


  1. Instead of prefix ‘dt_’ I use ‘DataTable’)
  2. For clearance (separation of concerns) I use ‘In_’- and ‘Out_’ prefixes


I will check and update you



Could you please once check the Index Data Row value as you have given an if condition as IndexDataRow = 10 so might be the if condition is not satisfying so take an message box activity and try printing the IndexDataRow value before the if condition and within Then


@vrdabberu, @drbuddepu
@vrdabberu, you are a smart cookie, thanks! The IndexDataRow (Counter) did not have the expected value of 10, actually 11. The DataTable does have the Header-row also, oh well!


Thank You !!

If you find solution for your query please mark as solution to close the loop


@vrdabberu, @drbuddepu

@vrdabberu, sure!

With your hint the robot does now enter the If-activety in the Then-sequence and generates
a ‘verification message’. Not really a solution though, good help!

The essence of the exercise sinks in, that the main importance for now!

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