Activity Package - TQA - ChatGPT Connector

Hi UiPath Community,

Excited to announce my first Activity Package ever called “Tquila Automation - ChatGPT Connector” published on UiPath Marketplace. Link to Marketplace Listing.

This library is used for calling OpenAI GPT-3.5 API with prompt, API key etc. Returns the generated response from GPT. The library is completely open source and available for FREE on UiPath Marketplace.


Happy to hear any feedback on the activity package. If you need any help with the package feel free to reach out.

Bogdan T. :robot: :robot: :robot:

Hey @BogdanTod, congratulations on your publication!
You may want to update your link as the one you posted most likely only works for yourself.
You could use instead which should work for everyone.

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Thank you Quentin, just updated the post with proper link!

Bogdan T. :robot: :robot: :robot: