Activity is not compatible on windows project

MongoDB Activities for UiPath by Shivam Kaushik is not compatible on windows projects. its only compatible on windows legacy projects. If there is any solution for this problem?

re-create a new project with windows legacy. most of the 3rd Packages are not support Windows.

don’t make a mistake like me, I need to re-create from the beginning of my project that had done 90%.

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Hello, @Athul_AK

you can write mongoDB code in python and then you can call direct that script in UiPath

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In future studio updates will create any problem on windows legacy project. I mean in future if i want to update process whether it is possible or studio will support ?

depend on are u using 3rd party libraries originally from UiPath or not. some of them are maintained by volunteers who are sometimes not up to date. but I believe UiPath have warned them to follow their compatibility policy.

just wait and see…

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