Activity for selecting past working day and current working day


Please help!
My team pulls up a report from a website I wish to automate the same, they select start date and end date on the website. start date is last working day and end date is current working day and please note Sunday is only non working day for the team, I am stuck on date selection.


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I think I just have what you are looking for :slight_smile:

So here, you wish to click on days which are working days and you need to find a way to omit the holidays between those days right?

Check out this custom activity

This includes an activity named Custom Date Series
This activity will generate a list of dates based on your configuration of holiday and working day.
If you can use this activity to get the working days, your task of selecting the date here in the date time picker would be very much easier as you don’t need to worry about omitting holidays.

Check the user guide attached to the activity set and give the date pattern as required for your requirement. It will give you a list of all the dates you require omitting the unwanted :slight_smile:


For end date i.e current date :- Date.Now.tostring(“dd”)=> op- 29 if u want full date then insted “dd” u can write “dd/MM/yyyy”

For start date first u check last date is sunday or not so use if cond“Sunday”
in Then : Enddate=“dd”)
else : Enddate=“dd”)


Do I have to download Data Manipulations separately because i am not able to find this in manage packages…???

You can download it directly through Studio… Search as shown here.

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Sorry cannot get anything… is it because I am using community eddition?

I’m using community edition too… May be something is wrong in connecting to it…

You can download it separately through Go platform

Download and get it to a folder. Then in package manager settings, add that folder to your list like this…

Then you can get and install it from there easily…

Hi, i have a similar issue but the system that i need to enter the date is a type into field, at present i have been using this formula which enters todays date

however if i run the bot on a friday then it should enter mondays date into the field, is there a way i can adapt this code to work for me? @ImPratham45

You can use condition to check whether today is Friday or not if yes then it should write Mondays date

so in the if condition it should read = “Friday”
Then: Date.Now.addDays(+3).ToString(“MMddyyyy”)
Else: Date.Now.addDays(+1).ToString(“MMddyyyy”)

so this would give me the next days date but if its friday it would give me mondays date?

So is it work

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use a string variable say DateString,
use an assign activity and add below code inside.

yup all good it worked thank you