Need to fetch dates

Can someone help me with this. What activity in uipath will allow me to choose the “beginning” date" and “End date”. These are the values that I need to consider:
begin date = must be the previous date
end date = current date
Weekends and Holidays must be considered when inputting the dates.

NOTE: Under “ALC” field I used the “Select Multiple items” and for “RFC Code” field I used the “Select item” activity. Can I use the same activities or is it a complete different activity?

Any assistance will be appreciated



Try this. For previous Date:

Assign Day = Now.addDays(-1).ToString("dd")
Assign Month = Now.ToString("MM)
Assign Year = Now.ToString("yyyy")

This is for current date:

Assign Today = Now.ToString("dd")

You can use month and year which is mentioned above

And use Type into pass the variable


Every veriable which is defined above is the string type


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@THIRU_NANI I will try, but how do enter the expression if I need to take into consideration the weekends and holidays. here are the list of Holidays: