Add to collection activity is not found in latest version of UiPath

Hi members!

I am not able to find “add to collection” activity in the latest version of UiPath. Can you tell me what could be the reason?
I think it’s not related to Classic and Modern design view issues.

Please note that: -
(1) If I download any solution from UiPath academy (which has this activity) and open in UiPath, then “add to collection” activity is shown" otherwise I can see some other set of activities related to collection (e.g., Append to collection etc.).



It seems AddToCollection is replaced with AppendItemToCollection in the latest Studio22.10.1.
If you need to use AddToCollection for some reason, can you try to downgrade UiPath.System.Activites package to 22.4.5 then put it to your workflow, next upgrade System package to 21.10.1 or higher if necessary.


Hi YoiChi,
Thanks for your reply.
I also thing so.

Hello @skiiconnect

You can ise AppenItemToList activity to achieve the same.

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