Action does not exist. (#1002)

Hi fellas,
I have faced an issue when ı tried to launch my project with action center,
Action does not exist. (#1002)
When I click assign to me that picture comes out.

Thx everybody:)

Hi @Ali_Kutay_KORKMAZ

and welcome to the forum.

I am not extremely familiar with long-running workflows. But isn’t there an activity you have to include in the process to assign the task to someone? (regardless of the rights in the orchestrator that assigner and assigned must have).

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Hi @MarioHerrmann

I’m new in action center. we dont have a specific assignee in this project
thus we just what someone to get that task on them.

here you can read about all the activities that are used for LRW.

and here should be the one you need

I hope it helps you

@MarioHerrmann is right, we need to assign task to someone. @Ali_Kutay_KORKMAZ

Hi @Ali_Kutay_KORKMAZ,

This can be done 2 ways - either by automating task assignment by including activity in studio or by manually assigning the task in orchestrator(the way you are doing currently).

I believe this has something to do with your role for action assignment etc.

Could you please check if you have right role permissions enabled for you as shown below?