Dictionary:extracting keys

Hello firends,
I have developed a xaml that creates a dictionary from an Excel FIle.
prova2.xaml (23.6 KB)
TEMPI_MORA_NOSTANDARD_ricodifica - Copy.XLSX (14.7 KB)
I need to make some checks on the values of the column “GGPREAVVISO” based on the key “PRODOTTO”.
How is it possible to extract the value of “GGPREAVVISO” associated to a value of a PRODOTTO?
I need to make check based on that value.
Thank you so much.

Hi @CamiCat,

I think it like read configFile in REF - “InitAllSettings”. Check it

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Thank you so much @Chinh_Le.
Is it possible to perform some actions based on the the value of the Key?
If the Key has a certain value can I make a check on a difference between two dates?
Thank you so much,
Camilla :slight_smile:

hi @CamiCat,

After read File, u have a dictionary. So u can do anything. But key is unique


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yes, we can compare
dictionary dict;
variable Second_Date;
It is not matching

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