Accessing files dragged to Outlook folder

I’m currently trying to use Outlook as a file storage and investigate if it’s possible. It’s actually possible to drag any file to outlook folder. I’m now wondering if it’s possible to access it using UiPath as any other file. Currently Get Outlook Items Activity returns only Mails. Did anyone came across any workaround for this?


Hi @Grzegorz_Kania1

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Ideally when you drag a file it creates kind of a draft email . So use get mails and target folder would be draft folder. That way you should be able to get draft emails and getting attachments will get the files I guess.


thank you Anil for you response. I checked and indeed this file is listed in the Drafts folder. It’s listed there as the file and again I can’t access it using get emails activity. Having it as a mail is not the perfect solution. you can easily read the attachment, yet to save it back you need a workaround with sening another email which is not the optimal solution. I was actually hoping it would be possible to access those file like in a folder…