Access Excel from RDP

Hi All,
My bot is installed in my local system and it needs to download an excel sheet in form of an attachment from outlook(in the local system),then copy the same excel to RDP, extract some data from the excel and use it in writing scripts in MS Powershell.
Is it possible, if yes, then please let me know how!!!
Rhitam Deb

As far as I understand, everything you need should be possible. The steps I identify now are:

  1. Automate the finding of the e-mail with the required attachment and download it to local disk;
  2. Copy the file to clipboard;
  3. Open whichever Remote Desktop Connection utility you use and make sure you have Clipboard Sharing/File Sharing enabled (or maybe you can share the folder with the attachment with the remote server);
  4. Open the file on the remote server and use keyboard shortcuts / image automation for extracting the data and using it in PowerShell.

Let us know if you need more guidance. :slight_smile:

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