Clipboard activity

Can I have step by step solution for clipboard activity to get the data from RDP to local excel file.

Thanks in advance

Before beginning the process, check whether clipboard activities are enabled from server to local. In most of the servers this will be disabled.

if enabled, please explain what value you want to retrieve in the RDP? application used and other details.

Thanks for the quick response.

I need to copy the excel data from citrix and then past it in my local micro.

If Copying data from server is enabled, then you can

  1. Open the excel in citrix environment.
  2. Send hot key to select complete data from excel (ctrl+a)
  3. Open excel in your local.
  4. Move to first cell
  5. Paste the data (ctrl+v)

Thanks for your response.

is it possible with screen shots if you don’t mind

I dont have a citrix environment as of now.

which activity we need to use and how to pass the variable values to those activitys. can you please give that screenshot if posiable

Send hot key
start process
type into