Access denied to run XAML file published by Orchestrator

Hello everyone !

Here is the context :
I’m using version 2018.2 (but it’s also the case in 2018.1, the folders are just different) and the community Orchestrator.
I have only one dev robot which uses my login A
I’ve tried to set up a shared library (as shown in Solution Architect Training - Part 2 - Unit 8):

  • create a project with an empty Main.xaml, and others xaml file
  • publish it to Orchestrator
  • create a process with this newly published package and run it with the robot

At this point everything went as desired:

  • I can found my unzipped package in the following location : %userprofile%\.nuget\packages\PackageName\PackageVersion\lib\net45
    (in version 2018.1, location is %programdata%\UiPath\Projects\PackageName.PackageVersion\lib\net45)

In a new project, in the studio I’ve used the “Invoke Workflow file” activity to run one of the xaml file located in the previously named folder and got an error :
“Access to the path ‘[…].nuget\packages\PackageName\PackageVersion\lib\net45\MsgBox.xaml’ is denied”

I’m only using one login for everything (robot connection, run Studio, browse folders), and I don’t see what may have gone wrong and/or what I should modify to authorized this access.

Thank you for your insights


Running Studio as Admin makes it work when debugging, but when launching process via Orchestrator, the error remains.

Any idea ?

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Facing the same issue after publishing from orchestrator , i m not able to access the files downloaded in local repository as it saves file into program data/projects…#uipath