Access denied! Active Scripting permission needed in Internet Explorer




I am getting the below error while running the Workflow:

(Tools/Internet Options/Security tab/Custom Level button/Scripting/Active Scripting)

Can any one help on this ?


Did you get any solution for this?


Hi, the solution is in the error message.
Open IE, go to tools (bottom right) -> security tab -> custom level button -> Scripting -> Active scripting and activate all the lines.

After that restart IE and it will work

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Hello @jreddy7,
I have the same problem as you.
Have you resolved it?
Thank you so much,
Camilla. :slight_smile:


@CamiCat @gupta.abhishek4 @nSangui @jreddy7 @Lakshmi_Ganesan
Please follow the steps in below link :


Hello @PranayaSahu.
I tried this solution but It doesn’t work.
I’m so worried about that.
Can I share with you my xaml so that you can test it on your PC?
Camilla :slight_smile: