Acadamey won't load

I am trying to get to UiPath Academy and it just gets stuck on the landing page. I have tried different browsers and multiple internet connections. It won’t get page the landing page where the logo just cycles. Please help.

I get to the site through the following link and the link never changes. At one point today I was able to get to the updated terms and conditions page but it gave me an error and wouldn’t let me continue and thew up an error “undefined”. Help!

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Hello Toni,

I am currently experiencing the same issue as explained by you. Just want to ask if you were able to resolve it.

Hi, im facing the same issue, the page get stuck in UiPath Academy.
Anyone pls help…

@Vibhor.Shrivastava sir, facing the same issue since the last night. The website is just stuck on the landing page.

Kindly resolve this aforementioned issue.

Thank You.