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Nice course gives complete confidence to the UIpath Developers


I am having a challenge on lesson 14. The system keeps giving me low marks yet i believe i have done the correct thing. Could there be a bug or i am just yet to get it right?:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Edgar,
Make sure you choose all the correct answers: in case you check only 1 answer to a question that has 2 or 3 correct answers, that question will not be scored. Review the documentation and the training materials in case you are not sure about the correct answer/s.
All the best!


I passed my exams today :wink:


Easy is subjective :slight_smile:

If you have programming experience it should be fairly simple.


I would recommend first taking the Microsoft Virtual Academy VB.Net Basics course to give yourself some basic programming principles. Then sign up for the RPA Academy on the UiPath website, this should give you about a month’s worth of work!

Also, plenty of help on the forum. Good Luck!



Hi, is the academy site currently down? I cannot access it to continue my training…



congratulations. Any tips to share? :slight_smile:

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