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Everything about our Orchestrator Mobile.

Monitor your digital robot workforce anytime from anywhere and get real-time alerts on robot performance and the state of your RPA system with Mobile Orchestrator.

Mobile Orchestrator is the first mobile app to allow you to securely monitor your RPA environment from anywhere at any time. Now you can receive alerts in real-time on the performance of your digital workforce. Get instant insight into the performance of your robots with at a glance dashboards. Easily track your robots, jobs and schedules on the go and never miss an alert again.

Mobile Orchestrator delivers:

  • Instant alerts on the status of our automation health and RPA system state for faster response.
  • Filtering and search of alerts by severity, message, component, and time leads to easy access of detailed information.
  • Visual and easy to understand dashboards and charts providing performance insights.
  • Visibility into job and robot status.
  • Drill down data including type, status and logs for robots, machines, jobs, and schedules.
  • Graphical view of license usage for better license management.

How to open enterprise orchestrator url in this mbile app.
What are the pre-requisites.