About the expression while manipulating with multiple Datacolumn values

dt.Columns(“NewColumnName”).Expression = if String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(“[Column1]”) Then “[Amt][Column2]" Else " [Amt][Column1]” End

Validation Error Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression " if String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(“[Column1]”) Then “[Amt][Column2]" Else " [Amt][Column1]” End".
‘(’ expected. Sequence.xaml

Hi @kalpana_venkutusamy,

What are you try to achieve with this query?

Hi @kalpana_venkutusamy ,

The Expression value should be provided in as a String :

For your case :

dt.Columns("NewColumnName").Expression ="IIF(TRIM(Convert([Column1],'System.String')) = '',[Column2],[Column1])"

The above should be done using an Assign Activity.
Not sure if references to the column are correct but I believe the above would be required expression.

Let us know if this doesn’t work. Also do explain the requirement if possible.