About Switch

I need some ideas while building the process, so I post them here.

I use the framework to get a value called Process type.
I’m trying to run it by type using a switch.
1 is W course
Step 2 is C
3 is the W+C course

What I want to ask here is whether the only way to add these two actions to the switch case is to add them to the switch case if you want to proceed with the actions in case 1 and case 2 above in sequence like in case 3.
For example
case 1
case 2
case 3

Did you understand? I’m not good at explaining.

Or do I have to put the switch in a loop and run it over and over for case 3?

I think this is absolutely fine
To just reiterate you want to perform three different actions based on the value you get from expression mentioned in SWITCH ACTIVITY

So if the value is W it should do a certain activities then goes to Case 1
Or if it’s C goes to Case 2
Or if it’s W + C goes to Case 3
Or nothing then goes to default section of switch activity where you can add any activities you want being none of these cases

Cheers @dlqhqo98

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