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Log Message emails re: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.that message problem


couremail variable is null , thats why log message activity returns this error.
Question is why it is null, probably something is wrong in Get Outlook Mail activity

HI @Ahlam_alonizy

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The value is passing Null in the Log Message activity

Can you share the value in the Look message? and also share the screenshot of the properties of Get Outlook mail message?


In fact, I did not know the reason and the solution, so I will try again

@Ahlam_alonizy ,

We could see from the Screenshot that In the Locals Panel, we have null value set on couremail variable. Assuming that couremail is the output of the Get Outlook Mail Messages Activity, but does the activity have this variable assigned as the Output or some other variable or do let us know if it was assigned but you were still receiving the error.