Send outlook email issue

We are using “Read Outlook” activity to read some parameters from email then do some validations in another application using parameters. based on result we are forwarding email over same email, for that we are using “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity in process.
It’s wired sometime it fail and sometime “Send Outlook mail message” working fine. Here’s the error message we are getting.
“Send Outlook Mail Message: Object reference not set to an instance of object”

Please suggest what could be the reason

Hello @ashok_sharma,

"Object reference not set to an instance of object” means that you are trying to use something that is null (or Nothing in VB.NET). This means you either set it to null, or you never set it to anything at all.

Check the parameters of the activity!


We checked all parameters; none of parameters returning NULL value. Suspecting that Forward → MailMessage property has some issue. Currently we set it up as mail object. It’s working fine after removing value. Please suggest if you have anything.

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