About Parallel for each Activity

How can I add a pause inside a parallel for each activity for once only??

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Can you please explain your task a bit more?


Yes, Thanks for replying.
I am working on a bot that needs to open multiple browser tabs in parallel and I want to add a pause, you can say a user input pause for entering different links inside that browser Parallelely, For Each activity.

I got stuck in between as I added a dialog box inside Parallel for each activity so it is asking for user action again and again.

Hi @developer0

If you want to add a pause or user input to a Parallel For Each loop in UiPath, you can use the Delay activity to pause the loop for a specified amount of time, or the Input Dialog activity to prompt the user for input.

Kaviyarasu N

If I understand this properly, you want user input for a URL and open in browser, with option to enter multiple URLs which will open in new tabs?

I want to add a user input pause like a message or dialog box inside parallel for each activity but as we are opening multiple browsers at the exact time parallel, the dialog box is opening various times along with browsers and it needs to be open only once

Can you help me with this?

Having a hard time understanding exactly what is required, may need a visual to better understand.