About Element State Change Trigger & Element attribute change trigger

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Hope all are doing well, Here we discuss the Triggers of Element change trigger, element attribute change trigger and trigger scope.

What is Trigger?

Triggers enable you to execute jobs in a preplanned manner.

Trigger Scope

Define actions that are triggered by various events.
The activity interface comprises the Triggers and Actions containers. This allows for the definition of a set of triggers in the first, followed by a sequence of activities to execute based on the trigger response.
In Scheduling mode properties, can select Sequential, Concurrent, and OneTime.

  • Sequential - Actions are executed one after another.
  • Concurrent - Action executions can overlap.
  • OneTime - Execute action one time and exit.
    Note: Sequential and Concurrent properties are monitoring UI until user stops thee execution or uses break activist to break the loop


Element State Change Trigger

Monitors a specific UI element’s state. Can only be used inside a Trigger Scope activity. There are 2 states
On Appear - the trigger is fired when the UI element appears on the screen
On Disappear -the trigger is fired when the UI element disappears from the screen



Element Attribute Change Trigger

Monitors a specific UI element’s attribute. When there are changes in specific attribute, the process will start to trigger and execute the jobs
It can only be used in Trigger Scope.
Need to feed the which attribute is required to monitor.



Kindly refer to this flow :point_down:

Tutorial_ElementTrigger.zip (104.4 KB)

Explanation of the above Xaml file :point_up_2:

  1. The Bot will close Chrome if active by using “Kill Process”, and selecting Continue On error properties as a true.


  1. Open browser activity was used to open the browser with the https://rpachallenge.com/ link and placed the Maximise activity to maximise the browser. Also, navigate activity placed to navigate to an RPAstockmarket page (RPA Stock Market)

  2. Trigger scope was used to perform the action as per the trigger, where one-time properties were selected to trigger only once.
    3.1 In which Element State change trigger was used to detect the stock market page appears. When the page appears it triggers and shows the message in the action process.

  3. Assign activity used to get the current time with an addition of 20 seconds

  1. Another Trigger scope is used with Sequential properties.
    5.1 Element attribute Change Trigger activity is used to monitor the price changes in the stock market. Each time it triggers when the price changes in the Selected area.
    5.2 In the action block, Placed the If condition with EndTime>DateTime.Now. Where it check time started and now an interval of 20 sec.
    5.3 If less than 20 sec, the price will be extracted using the get attribute or get text activity
    5.4 Else Process will stop by using break activity.