Trigger Scope regression / last community version

Hello all,

Since i developed some attended automation 2 years ago, i wanted to check the progress on trigger scope activities.

Unfortunately, i can’t find anymore the following :
Element Attribute Change Trigger
Element State Change Trigger
Get Event Info
and others…

What happened? i’m not using modern experience or whatever, can’t find any clue over forum / web about that. Nothing unfiltered in activity pane… i don’t understand.
My old project still opens, but can’t create new activies like this, i have to copy paste the old one…

Should be in UiPath.Core.Activities as per documentation, i only find a SAP tree now there.
I’m using the last community edition version

If anyone experienced the same because i’m a bit lost.
kind regards

Welcome back to UiPath forum

There are many upgrades with package which holds those triggers and monitor event
You can get to know the complete details with these docs

Let know if u r looking for further details

Cheers @florian_goret

Well, looks like it is now embedded differently, with local trigger to insert in trigger scope where you define event type based on your strict selector (appeared, disappeared).
My bad

Can you please elaborate this further and if possible, with screenshots? I am finishing the UiPath Academy course “Attended Automation Features in Studio”, and skipping the trigger scope lesson because of this same issue.

I can only see the Application Event Trigger activity. And while this may work for Click events, I can’t make it work for Text Changed event. Also, I think I can find the Element Attribute Changed Trigger activity more helpful considering other element types like checkboxes where we can directly output the “checked” attribute value using the arguments passed.

Thanks in advance!

Well, frankly speaking, this is still not clear to me either…
For instance, look this :

which i did some time ago. converted from windows legacy etc, but i can’t find this UiPath.core.activities.elementstatechangetrigger anymore in Activities.

This one is pretty clear… react on a single selector with 2 options available only, appear, disappear…
Hopefully i kept this, because now i have to copy it from this project to be able to use it elsewhere :sweat_smile:

I don’t know what they did with this Application event trigger activity (from modern experience btw) with 2 selector including a strict one. My guess it is now the only function available, build like if you were using StudioX, with auto-magic options (event type) appearing depending on the strict selector you defined…

Not all event type appear depending on your strict selector.

In your case, i don’t know why it doesn’t detect the text changes, it should work yes. i tested with a zscaler client, and it triggers when text value change… i guess you already double checked your strict selector.
What client is it? the binary you can download from the courses to simulate a call?

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@florian_goret the new trigger model is much more faster, being a tight integration between the application and the robot. give it a try and let us know your feedback. thank you. G