About creating variables, its possible to have a way to set its type using shortcut?

Hi, I’d like to know if there is a way faster do set up the type of the variable other than always using the “Menu” on the bottom. And if no, there is a research about something to make it quicker?


For creating variables for fields in the activities you can click on the filed and click ctrl+k and then give the variable name and create…and the variable will be created with the required type for the field directly

Hope this helps


I already know about in the field of some activity that the variable gets the type of what’s required. The thing that I’m looking for should be a way to set the type without needing to change it on the variable’s panel or depending the field of some activity. It would be very suprising to set the type of some variable just by creating it using some “patterns” like if you need some Integer you could write int_[variable] or you need a string type so write str_carName

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