Ability to stop the Robot execution from orchestrator

There are instances when I start the Bot execution from the system tray icon and due to some logical error the bot is in infinite loop.
During this time, the BOT machine appears as Busy in Orchestrator.
Need a way to Stop the Bot execution from the Orchestrator in this case.

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May not help much, by any way if you can check an asset value periodically during this type of instances then you can create an asset
KillProcess - Boolean - False (by default) and update it to True. In your code use if condition to terminate the workflow.

You could kill the robot process itself (f.e. via TaskManager) - since it’s run from tray, it will be under the same session as the person that started it, so you should not even need admin rights for it.
Running from tray is equivalent to running a FO robot, which the Orchestrator does not Start/Stop.

Catch-22 - is it an unwanted infinite loop if you put a mechanism to break out of it? :wink:
Although it’s still a good advice to put either an asset check or a ShouldStop check inside long-running loops for safety. Keep in mind though that, relatively speaking, GetAsset is an expensive operation and in a tight loop it will visibly impact performance.

True, that’s the reason I added periodically (later) assuming if your daily process is taking “longer” than usual.

if Stopwatch Time >= longer
Check Asset Value (once)

Note : Not sure how expensive this will be.

Yes that can definitely help, but that will require some standardized implementation across all developers. I’ll have to ensure this going further.

What I intended to have here is that if some process is started for execution remotely by some other developer and the remote session is disconnected.
Can I as an admin stop such executions from the Orchestrator? This should help me save time and interruptions.

Hi @akhi_s27,
Please go through the Orchestrator API V2.
You may get something. Because using the API we can give commands to the orchestrator in order to get value from assets and starting/stopping the robots also. Unfortunately i am not successful till now to communicate with the API.