Abbyy Run Time License



Through some investigation and discussions with the Abbyy guys. I believe ONLY Uipath can sell us the runtime licenses. The developer license abbyy sells is for uipath to buy. uipath then integrates this with uipath. once done uipath then sells the run time license to users of uipath. Thats was how it was explained to me from the guys here. You generate runtime licenses from dev licenses.

Can someone confirm?


Interesting. @qateam is this correct?


Can someone confirm on this question? Which abbyy license do we need buy?
Is it abbyy flexicapture stand alone, or abby flexicapture engine?


engine but you need to buy it direct from uipath. not from abbyy. remember it only works on attended bots.


Thanks @Thuy_Lam, i will ask my uipath contact for this. Because previously the idea that i get is we can get the abbyy license from abbyy reseller.


I think it works for unattended as well