Abbyy Cloud OCR Question

How can i solve this problem?


Is it working for other languages? Can you send us the logs or error details?


It’s ok. I re-registered the account of ABBYY Cloud and created a new Application according to the method mentioned in BBS. He can work normally, but it doesn’t seem to support Chinese, and will report the above error, thank you.

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Why use Chinese recognition is always wrong?

@Doris can you please share the properties pane of the Abbyy Cloud OCR engine? (of course, no passwd :slight_smile: )



The properties pane likes this.

Hello @Doris,

The exception is thrown because the language you entered is not in the format expected by the cloud engine.

Please try the same workflow with “ChinesePRC” in the “Language” argument.

Also, when working with this activity, a good resource for supported languages can be found here:

Hope this helps,


Thank you very much, it works.

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