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Will we get Abby in UiPath Community Edition?
If we will get how to get that feature on our studio?

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Irfan Shaik :slight_smile:

No, ABBYY does not provide a Community addition. If you need, you have to talk to sales team from ABBYY. They might give you UiPath integrated ABBYY license which will have some limited number of pages as trial.

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Irfan :slight_smile:

ABBYY does not have a free edition, and licences can be costly(especially flexicapture). There is an UiPath activity that does basic text matching using ABBYY that you could use?

It doesn’t have any advanced features the full software has

@jimmy.joseph How can I install that activity on my studio?

It came prepackaged with my community edition(beta version). The second activity is the free one.

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Irfan Shaik :slight_smile:

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