A question on Triggers

Hi ,

I have created a Trigger to execute Daily at 11.10 AM IST. For the first time, the job got executed. From the next day, i haven’t logged in inside the Uipath Orchestrator . Hence the Jobs got failed and the Trigger didn’t execute.

My Question is , Will the Trigger run only if we have opened the Uipath Orchestrator daily?
If yes, do we need to have Uipath Assistant also opened on daily basis?

After long gap, i opened the Orchestrator and waited for the Job to Run but it got failed saying “The process could not create jobs. The Robots already has pending job for this process”

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Hi @Vaishnavi_k.l , you don’t need to login to Orchestrator every time to trigger the jobs. Once you have the set the scheduler it will run automatically.

Check your trigger is set for everyday and also check the any problem got at the machine end.


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We don’t need to login to orchestrator always or everyday to trigger a bot
But we need to ensure that the machine where we are running the bot should be always available to connected to network and orchestrator
That is it should not be signed out or locked
Only then bot will work and so the triggers

Cheers @Vaishnavi_k.l