A problem has occurred on this web site. Please try again. If this error continues, please contact ContentRaven support

Hi All,

I am facing this problem while login into academy since 3 days, earlier it was working fine.
Please provide me solution.

@The_coder -this could be a browser cache/related issue -
Please clear your browser cache, close all browser sessions, open browser use this link https://academy.uipath.com/

hope it will work.

@GBK I followed the same but no luck.

are you able to view the academy landing page? if yes - are you signing with entering email/password or signing with google/microsoft/linkedin account?

you can try workaround of SingleSignOn option - as below
pls try to login to https://platform.uipath.com/ - once you logged in successfully… create a new tab and try to access https://academy.uipath.com/

@GBK Yes, i am able to view landing page but when try to log in from both options with entering email/password or signing with google then same error is coming. Before i logged in with username and password but when the site design changed recently issue happened.

I also tried to access the academy from cloud platform as per your suggestion but nothing worked, same error.

i am facing the same issue., any luck?

I am also facing the same issue. Can anyone give me the ContentRaven Support contact?

I have just found a workaround. just open portal.uipath.com -> Apps -> Academy.