A New guard page for the stack cannot be created

Hi Team, I am getting a popup with message A New guard page for the stack cannot be created after clicking on OK a process is stopped with error code- 0xc0000005 or 0xc0000FF it’s comming at assign activity which is doing filter of datatable using select query. But the best thing this bot is live and this error not there before 04 of this month now it’s giving error for the old data also that was processed successfully before. I had tried reinstalling and updating robot to latest but it existed. Tried changing the version of the activities to latest but did not work.

Hi @amit_joshi

This issue looks system-related rather than UiPath-specific.

This article suggests that it’s memory-related. If your computer has space issues, try to free up space on the hard drive or paging file to run UiPath.

Also, this IBM article suggests that reinstalling .NET framework should fix it.

Hopefully one of these fixes solves your problems.