A long time running process case,which is the best solution?

Hi guys,I have a case that Extract the data from results.In fact, when I click the “Search” button , it will be running a long time by the application, the reason is caused by the application,not by Uipath.
So in this case,How to Design the workflows? sequnce?
In one process, waiting the result? or an orther process check the results state every few minutes?or orther ways in the best practice?


Once you clicked on search button then use Element Exists activity and identify any fixed element to check whether data is loaded or not. If it exists then it will give True else False.

Hi , you can use ‘retry scope’ activity here
Inside the retry scope at the bottom of the retry scope activity (boolean reference) use element exists activity and give the search result element as the selector
Now use delay activity inside the retry scope above to the element exists with 5 sec or 10 sec delay

Here what happens is the tool continuous to check for the search result to be true

Once the search result element is available , then automatically it goes to next step

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Hey @donghai

I agree with the method provided by @vinay_reddy… I would use the same. Just tilo add few points to this post, retry scope will keep on retrying until a particular condition is met. This can be in your case, until a specific element is appeard on the screen.

The point I wanted to bring up here is its ability to terminate the tetry after a predefined retry attempts. Imagine a loop that goes endlessly if the element is not found. So here, you can specify the number of retry attempts and a delay time between each retry attempt. So what happens is, after all attempts if the element is not found ( we can consider this as a timeout or a situation that takes too much more time than expected) then the loop will terminate so that it will not run endlessly.

Additionally, based on the result of the loop, you can set if activities to alert the user if needed about the timeout etc.

In our automation solutions, I have added this as a standard when it comes to refreshing web pages. Very useful in working with slow websites…


@Lahiru.Fernando @vinay_reddy @lakshman
Thanks a lot,I used the retry scope activity before, but in this case,the “search” process will contain more 30 minutes,so I want to,like this case,that the solution is stilled retry scope activity? Now I have the answer!
Thanks every body again!!!:smiley:


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