400 Details {“message”:”Invalid credentials, failed to login.”,”errorCode”:1000,”resourceIds”:null}

Hi Team,
I am receiving this error when i try to use the UIPath adapter in the OIC.

Has anyone linked the Oracle Integration Cloud to the UIPath tenant?

I’m even using the authentication API and it still refuses my username and password.


In September 2019, the UiPath Cloud Orchestrator REST API Authentication changed to an OAuth style scheme from Basic Auth.

The official documentation is here:

That said, many people struggle with it. I have a blog post that explains it a little clearer (I hope). It is here:

– Michael.

Does this mean that the Oracle Integration Cloud adapter should be updated to include this new method? Do you have any information about using it to invoke bots?
Thank you very much,

I am not very familiar with the Oracle Integration Cloud, so I just spent 10 minutes reading documentation on Oracle’s site.

Bottom line:


Longer answer:

As I understand the Authentication changes, they only apply to the UiPath Cloud Orchestrator service, not On Prem installs. The documentation at Oracle talks about using both the Cloud Orchestrator and the On Prem install.

This means the Oracle Integration Cloud needs to know the difference between connecting to an On Prem using Basic Auth, and the Cloud using OAuth.

In addition, Oracle is going to need to retrieve the UserLogicalName and the ServiceInstanceName, because these are used in the URL’s of REST API calls to the Cloud Orchestrator. Plus, they need to update the headers sent, as there is a new foldering system in Orchestrator, and you need to pass a TenantName header.

There is also some slight complexity in that depending on when your UiPath Orchestrator Service was created (and as a result, what UiPath internal cluster is resides on), you can get slightly different behavior. Some instances have both Basic Auth and OAuth, some only work with OAuth.

Maybe give your Oracle guys a call, and they can hire me to help them do the update real quick!

On your last question, I have not used the Cloud Orchestrator REST API to invoke a Robot directly, as I have not had the need. I currently have a Queue, and my clients application in Filemaker Pro (Yep, it is still around!!!) calls a nodejs script to post an item to a Queue using the REST API. I then have a trigger that runs the Process, invoking the Robot.

There is no reason you cannot create the process directly using the REST API. I just have not done it, as I needed to pass data to the robot in a QueueItem, and only have one Robot servicing multiple potential users, so wanted to Queue up items.

Hope this helps.

– Michael.


I am receiving this error