2018.3 new version having error downloading the prev uipath.word.activities

Hi all, I just downloaded the new version from the previous 18.2.3 version and I can;t download the uipath.word.activities package. I am having this error: UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities depends on current project (uipath), current project (uipath) depends on UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities. What does this mean? How do I use the old uipath.word.activites? Or is there any download link to the version 18.2.3?? Or is there a different package for that uipath.word.activities now?


The uipath version 18.2.3 which you have downloaded itself includes this package uipath.word.activities. You can go through this link where you will have a clear understanding on uipath.word.activities

I think you don quite get me @pammi198, I mean I was using the prev version 18.2.3 on my desktop. Now I am using my laptop and I downloaded uipath community version and its 18.3.0, the ui is different as its called dependencies, I want to know how do I install the uipath.word.activities in this version without having this error: Cycle 1:
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities depends on current project (uipath), current project (uipath) depends on UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities

Hi @Low_Jo

Could you start a new project and name it as something else than “UiPath”? There is an obscure bug that causes these errors whenever your project was called “UiPath”.

You can also edit the .json file of your current project in Notepad to change the name.

Third option is to simply delete the .json and open the .xaml file with a double click, this should regenerate the .json file and the name of the project will be taken as the name of the folder with the .xaml file. There please make sure that folder is also not called “UiPath” :slight_smile:

We are aware of the bug and it will be fixed with upcoming releases.

@loginerror Hi, I edited the name in the json file, its still not working

Could you check with completely new project in 18.3 that is not called “UiPath”?

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hey @loginerror its working now thank you so much! hope you fix the bug soon! :wink:

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