2 Excel Files Comparison

How do we compare 2 different excel sheets for verifying 3 different informations from it.

I need to compare if name of file & Time matches post that check status of each column and action needs to be taken based on status…Any help would be great

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You can do it using LINQ. Try to follow the steps by reviewing the post. If you have problems, share with us with a screenshot.


Thank you Mohammed but am not looking to create another sheet just need to validate information from one sheet to another

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Have a look on it


Thank you @Gokul001

I have tried follwing the video but still cofused. If anyone can share an example it shall help

Consider sheet1 as a default file from whcih we need to compare time and employees are supposed to login at same time as in sheet1 based on different days of week if time matches check if the employee name is right, If name is right check something else (Compare sheet1 & 2)

Am sorry if am asking too much