Writing Data Back to Data tables

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I have a datatable that has a column which its values having leading zeros. Which I wanted to remove (remove the leading zeros). I am able to remove those leading zeros. However, I want the clean/trimmed (non-zero leading) back to the datatable. How can I write back to the data table? Can anyone help with this? Thanks a lot!


The above workflow seems to removing leading zero in specific column of datatable.
Doesn’t it work for you?
If my understanding is wrong, can you elaborate with specific sample? (input and expected output)


Hi @Yoichi

You are correct. That workflow you see above is to remove the leading zeros. However, I want the values that are clean (non-zero leading) back to the column in the datatable. or I want to replace the column with the new non zero leading values. Please let me know if you need more information.
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The above workflow updates dt_DataSource to remove leading zero in the column. Do you need to update other datatable?
Can you share specific input and expected output?



Yes, I want to update the dt_DataSource data table with the non-zero leading values. Column “Cust Purchase Ord” has to be something like this 687039 in the datatable
Sample_Data_2.xlsx (11.2 KB)
I want the output in datatable not in an excel file.

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Check the dt_DataSource table after the for each row sequence, it will be having the updated "Cust Purchase ord"data.

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@Suraj_B_Shetty Not sure, if I got this right. What activity follows for each rows in data table activity so that it is written back to the Data table?


I check it again! It looks like it’s working. Thanks a lot!


You can use output data table activity pass the datatable as input and it will return string type output. Use the output variable in message box or writeline to verify.

@Suraj_B_Shetty Thanks a lot. Goot to know. Much appreciated!!

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