Write to cell in for each row

Hello, I am trying to add a static string to all data rows in column A of my data table.

I have about 15 000 data rows and I am using the for each Activity and a Counter but it is taking an average of 5 seconds to write to each cell. Is there a faster way to do this because it might take hours to write to all the cells in the column.


U can use Assign
At the end of for each row use write range


Other Way is U can use
Write cell for A2
then use

AutoFill Range

Source = “A2”
Destination= “A2:A”+(DT.rows.count+1).Tostring

Should it be Row(0) or Row(Counter)?

As You want For A Column thats why i used Row(0)
Indexing is start from 0th
so A column will be 0th
So if u want to write it in B column then use Row(1)

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Thank you, it works but still takes qiute a bit of time. It took 20 minutes to write to 15 500 data rows. But its definitely better than it was before. :slight_smile:

Your most welcome :blush:

Happy Automation!

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