Write each item into seperate row in Excel Sheet

As you can see in my Workflow, I have some Contract Numbers extracted. Now I want to continue to work with those Numbers. Any idea how to do it? I’d prefer to write them into one Column into seperate rows. For Ex. First Contract Number in cell A1, 2nd into A2 and so on. Please help. Thx!

Contract_Numbers.xaml (7.2 KB) Hobbit.txt (6.7 KB)

Hi @SSchmitz

  • Add “Build data table” activity and create columns.
  • Inside that for loop use “Add data row” activity to add the values into datatable
  • Outside loop use “Excel scope” activity to save the file.
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Contacts.xlsx (7.3 KB) Contract_Numbers.xaml (9.6 KB) Hobbit.txt (6.7 KB)


This is great. Thanks alot. Helped me alot with my Automation. Anything I can do for you?

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Your Most Welcome

Happy Automation!

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Once I have done it all. I have all those Contract Numbers in a DataTable and in a xlsx File. Now I want to use those Numbers one after another. Any Idea on how to do that?
Guess I need to do something like a each row activity and assign individual Variable names to them which Count up?
Thx alot

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